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Phone: (301) 437-3527


Let The Sam Elmore Band take you on a journey.


Whether you’re going through some nostalgic landscape or a part of your past that’s unfathomably lost, D.C. musician Sam Elmore and his team of talented collaborators have repurposed Springsteen-style storytelling for the modern day; making it bittersweet, but charming in its emotional nuance.


Embracing a versatile rock sound that unites heartland classics with alternative radio witticism, Elmore’s music is timeless all while having this genuine youth to it that grows as you listen. 


He’s not a vessel for reminiscence, but rather: Sam Elmore is the confessional soul that’s willing to look toward the past.

Previous venues include The Wharf's floating stage, Capitol Cider House, Columbia's Coral Reef Encounter, The Depot, Fish Head Cantina, The Pocket



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